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Master San Gee Tam

The Golden Flower Tai Chi Association was started in 1980 by Master San Gee Tam, James Holland. At the time he was Chief Instructor at Large in the International Tai Chi Chuan Association of Master Chu King Hung official certified representation of the Yang family. Master San Gee Tam was also Chief instructor of the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association in Belgium, having established the ITCCA in Brussels and popularizing Tai Chi in Belgium.

His integral "Golden Flower" method, including Tai Chi and self-cultivation, is a unique system, comprehensive for Westerners and accessible for anyone with an open mind. Education and ongoing training of Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructors is his highest priority, because it is his intention to make the unique benefits of the Golden Flower teachings available to anyone. Learning Tai Chi is a process of personal evolution for instructors as well as for the students.

Master San Gee Tam has also studied extensively with Master Dong Zeng Chen, 3rd generation Yang Style master and Grandson of the famous Tung Ying Jie.

Beginning in 1982, Master San Gee Tam established classes in England and continental Europe. This earlier work included both Tai Chi and personal development work that is now called Creative Interactions. The original idea was that a Tai Chi teacher must know and be much more than simply a movement teacher. True internal development affects the practitioner on all levels and the process can only be facilitated by someone with experience. Within a few years, a few individuals began to teach and create their own "families". Appropriately, Master San Gee Tam developed more comprehensive training for teachers. Today we have many instructors in Europe, the United States and Russia. We have an excellent group of people as the foundation of an outstanding international organization devoted to teaching and communicating well-being. In each country, people are developing classes and working together as a team. Master San Gee Tam is focusing on the refinement of the association and on mastering new educational and communication media.

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