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11th May Chi Source Workshop

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Golden Flower Tai Chi Classes in Chichester - Heike Waters

Golden Flower Classes

Beginners: 10am - 11am - the Newpark Center in the Jubilee Hall, Chichester
Intermediate: 11:15am - 12:15pm - the Newpark Center in the Jubilee Hall

Beginners/Intermediate: 12:00 - 1:00pm - Slindon Coronation Hall, Slindon
Beginners/Intermediate: 6:20pm to 7:20pm - New Park Centre in the Jubilee Hall

Beginners: 10am - 11am - The Hayloft, Emsworth
Beginners/Intermediate: 1.30pm - 2.30pm - South Bersted Church Hall

Bagua/Hsing I Fitness class: 9am - 10am - Priory Park,(by the sundial) weather permitting. please contact Heike before attending

Starting 12th Jan: Bagua and Hsing I are internal Martial Arts providing aerobic but gentle exercises, improving stamina, flexibility and strength! The class consists of a set of 50 warm up exercises, Bagua/Hsing I walking and Bagua Qi Gongs.
Tai Chi, Focus on Form: 10:15am - 12:15pm - Newpark Center in the Jubilee Hall
Dates 6th Feb, 5th Mar, 7th May, 11th, Jun, 2nd Jul, 1st Sep?, 5th Nov, 3rd Dec
This monthly 2hr class on Saturdays creates the opportunity to study the Golden Flower Form in greater depth: we will focus on specific principles such as Yin/Yang, 3point alignment or Relaxation as well as working with specific training forms to deepen insight into the Tai Chi principles and their applications. The class includes warm-ups and Qi Gongs. We will work on and practise the whole form, so it is helpful to have some knowledge of at least the first section of the form.
Tai Chi Retreat: 1st - 2nd Sept 2016 - Two Woods Estate, Pulborough
TBC. Details to come

For more information visit: www.the-natural-path.co.uk

Contact Heike Waters on 01243 778531/07763 474397
or email heikewaters@hotmail.co.uk

Golden Flower Tai Chi Classes in West Sussex - Tricia & Martin Pomroy

Golden Flower Classes

All Levels 10:15am - Hunston Village Hall, Hunston, Nr Chichester
Beginners (Everyone Active Class) 1pm - Westgate Leisure Centre, Tuscany Room, Chichester
All Levels 7:30pm - Hunston Village Hall, Hunston, Nr Chichester - with Martin

All Levels 12:20pm - N Bersted Community Centre Bognor Regis

Intermediate (Everyone Active Class) 11.45am - Westgate Leisure Centre, Tuscany Room, Chichester
Beginners (Everyone Active Class) 1pm - Westgate Leisure Centre, Tuscany Room, Chichester

Beginners 11am - N Bersted Community Centre Bognor Regis

Monthly Advanced Bagua Super Fitness & Fast Form classes

Saturday Mornings - Hunston Village hall & Westgate Leisure Centre, Chichester
Forward Dates: 21st January, 18th February, 4th March, 1st April

Please call or email for time and dates.

Beginning Tai Chi

The Golden Flower Form is a short form derived from the traditional Yang Style forms. It was first developed in order to make Tai Chi as accessible as possible. Although the method is simple, this offers everything you need to practice good Tai Chi. It has proven to be very popular as a beneficial introduction for most people. The movements of this form can be easily learned and the many benefits of Tai Chi can be realised within a short time. This allows the new student to gain a rapid sense of achievement and satisfaction, as well as being able to have a measure of their growth.

The Golden Flower Form is the first level of our teaching and provides a foundation for continued study. Students may wish to go on to learn the Long Form or other aspects of Tai Chi and related practices, in our Intermediate and Advanced classes.


We welcome students of all levels to our classes, whether you are just beginning or have been practising for many years. During the classes we will work with a number of aspects of Tai Chi, including the Golden Flower warm-up exercises, the Golden Flower form, moving and standing Chi Kung, pushing hands, and meditation. Our classes are relaxed, yet focused, in a friendly and informal atmosphere. You will also have the experience of Instructors who regularly train for their own ongoing development and to ensure the highest possible standard within the School. You will not need a special uniform, just loose comfortable clothing and soft flat footwear.

Contact Tricia or Martin Pomroy on 01243 268396 / 07949161177
or email
tricia.pomroy@btopenworld.com or martin.pomroy@btopenworld.com

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