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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is a method of meditation and self-integration through slow, relaxed, conscious movement. You exercise the ability to bring yourself into internal harmony and balance. As a result of Tai Chi practice is your body is gently and thoroughly exercised, your emotions are calmed and your mind is restored to peaceful wholeness.

Tai Chi produces the same benefit as meditation with the added positive effects of exercise. With Tai Chi movement, you direct your body with your mind. You utilize sensitivity and intelligence to obtain results instead of will power and exhaustive effort.

Further benefits are:

  • having the ability generate your own well-being and balance
  • feeling calm, satisfied, awake, happy, self confident
  • having the power to generate more energy to do what you want
  • being able to release yourself from the grip of worries and tensions
  • developing better resistance to and quicker recovery from stress and disease
  • increased general enjoyment of life
  • self-confidence based in knowing that you have the power and physical ability to respond adequately to the problems and predicaments in your life

The principles of Tai Chi movement have been developed, practiced and tested over several thousand years and have proven to be of great benefit. The basic principles are:

  • moving with relaxed, conscious, natural effort
  • centering yourself: being in the right place at the right time
  • grounding: relaxing and integrating with the natural environment
  • recognizing and employing universal laws and principles that sustain all existence

Tai chi movement is enjoyable. Relaxing into the slow, rhythmical movements provides a pleasant and refreshing interlude to the problems and challenges of the day. Tai Chi revives one's sense of enjoyment and delight of simple activities. Tai chi practice allows you to refine your inner discipline and empowers your productivity. Satisfaction comes from appreciating the value of your own accomplishments. Over time, with regular practice, you will will find yourself capable of more than you ever imagined.

Golden Flower Tai Chi

The Golden Flower Style is a system of Tai Chi developed by Master San Gee Tam, the Master of our Association. It is designed as an integration of all the basic principles which people can usefully apply in their daily lives. It is easy to learn at a basic level, yet has sufficient depth to warrant study for many years by all but the most advanced Tai Chi student.

Why Was It Developed?

After studying and teaching Tai Chi for many years with top level masters, Master San Gee Tam saw the need for a more simple starting point for study. He realized that the traditional methods were appropriate for the time they were invented, and the culture they came from, but they did not easily meet the needs of the modern day westerner. With his background of working with thousands of people (both in individual sessions and in groups) he saw that there might be a better way to more directly contribute to the people of today. The old way would still be maintained, but only for those rare individuals who are willing to dedicate their lives to the development and study of one thing. This training is preserved as the highest level of teaching in this school: the Small Circle, Internal Power Method. For the rest of us, he created the Golden Flower Style! It is approachable and easy to get to know, yet is deep enough to be of service to most people. If you can walk, you can do the Golden Flower Form!

The Golden Flower Style is an integrated set of practices, which are designed to give the student maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. The idea is to help as many people as possible to improve their health and realize well-being in their lives by making available effective and efficient tools. These tools are based in the wisdom of the ancients, and thus have very developed roots. Master San Gee Tam's expertise is to bring this forgotten and often misunderstood knowledge to the populace and demonstrate and explain it in comprehensible terms. Just like the chef who prepares healthy food which tastes good , Master San Gee Tam knows how to create a tasty, healthy menu with Tai Chi!

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