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May 14th Masterclass with Annukka Holland

11th May Chi Source Workshop

12-13th May Instructor Training

Monthly Focus on Form Workshop

Bagua Superfitness

Monthly Advanced Tai Chi Workshop

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Master San Gee Tam

Your Membership of the Golden Flower Tai Chi School

As a member of Golden Flower Tai Chi School you are choosing to consciously support your own growth and wellbeing. You are also choosing to participate in a community of people all across the world, who are focusing on health and vitality, for the body and spirit.

As an important member of our community we would like to invite you to join the international website www.goldenflower.org.

Membership to www.goldenflower.org is included in your Golden Flower Membership. Please ask your instructor for your coupon code that gives you free membership to the website.

Signing up to the www.goldenflower.org gives you access to the following:

If you need help with signing up please see your local instructor

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