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May 14th Masterclass with Annukka Holland

11th May Chi Source Workshop

12-13th May Instructor Training

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International Tai Chi Community

Golden Flower is much more than just a Tai Chi school, over the last 20 years it has developed into a close community of friends working together towards becoming a healing presence in our own lives and the lives of those around us.

We are a truly international community with schools around the globe in Europe, America and Siberia. We meet regularly both locally and at international trainings at different locations around the world.

Our Golden Flower Centers aim to be cultural and spiritual centers for all members of the local community, offering not just Tai Chi but a wide range of classes and services that will support people in living a long and happy life.

The Golden Flower School USA

Golden Flower Tai Chi Center The USA is the heart of the Golden Flower School. Our Golden Flower Tai Chi Center is located in Winston Salem North Carolina and has been providing high quality Tai Chi training to local students and students around the world for the last seven years.

In the near by Sauratown Mountains we recently opened the Heavenly Way Retreat. Heavenly Way provides a beautiful and peaceful environment for our regular workshops and retreats.

Master San Gee Tam and his wife Annuka Holland both live at Heavenly Way and run the workshops there. They also run weekly classes at the centre in Winston Salem.

There is a close community of instructors and senior students in North Carolina supporting the school both here and internationally.

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