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June 2nd Chi Source with Anuukka Holland

June 4th&5th Advanced Tai Chi with Anuukka Holland

June 5th Master Class with Anuukka Holland

April 16th Spring Tai Chi Workshop

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Welcome to the UK Golden Flower Tai Chi School

We had a wonderfull summer this year with many great opportunities to practice outside. In July we had a very successfull charity event for St Wilfrid’s Hospice in West Sussex.

St Wilfreds

The Golden Flower Tai Chi Association is an international association with schools in America, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Siberia.

Our school emphasises the health aspects of Tai Chi with a holistic attitude to overall health, vitality, awareness and good feeling.

The Golden Flower Style is a system of Tai Chi developed by San Gee Tam, the Master of our Association. It is designed as an integration of all the basic principles which people can usefully apply in their daily lives. It is easy to learn at a basic level, yet has sufficient depth to warrant study for many years by all but the most advanced Tai Chi student. For more information on Golden Flower Tai Chi please visit www.goldenflower.org.

The UK Golden Flower Tai Chi School

Tai Chi UK The Golden Flower School in the UK was started in 1980 by Master San Gee Tam whilst he was training with Master Chu King Hung in London. Since Master San Gee Tam has returned to the US all our instructors continue to train personally with him on an annual basis both in the US and in Europe at Retreats and Instructor Trainings.

Our Instructors teach at various locations in the UK but we work together as a team to keep creating the larger school here and to host regular Master San Gee Tam around England. We meet and train together regularly and have developed a thriving Tai Chi community among ourselves and our students.

Master San Gee Tam and his wife Annukka Holland both make regular visits to us here in the UK to give workshops and private lessons.

We also run regular workshops with European Instructor Job Koesoemobroto and other european instructors when they visit.

Currently our UK Instructors offer classes in Oxfordshire, North London, Hampshire and West Sussex.

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